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[法国/四级] 骚女荡男 Femmes A Hommes 1976 [MP4/887MB/YSP/BT]

【电影海报】:【影片名称】:骚女荡男 Femmes A Hommes 1976(法国经典复古情色)【影片大小】:887MB【影片时间】:01:25:25【影片格式】:MP4【是否有码】:无【剧情介绍】:    摄影师弗兰?OIS给工作比他自己的恋人或更高的优先级(HéLèNE的骑士,但不是HéLè氖士十年后)),放弃一个电话后让她中的爱。沮丧,她继续她的摩托车徘徊,寻找性从“代替”(口问题)。有一些回忆,混乱的事件序列。首先,她采取适当的报复,雇用一个男性模型(或这是她的情人吗?)一张裸体照片,然后与他发生性关系。她骑上她的自行车,做一些裸体日光浴在沙丘,书成,马丁格里莫是接待酒店。 Photographer Fran?ois gives work a higher priority than he does to his lover Joelle (Hélène Chevalier, but not the Hélène Chevalier of a decade later)), abandoning her mid-love-making after a phone call. Frustrated, she goes on the prowl on her motor bike, looking for sex from a ‘substitute’ (bouche-trou).There are a few flashbacks, confusing the sequence of events. First she takes appropriate revenge by hiring a male model (or is this her lover?) for a nude photo session and then has sex with him. She rides off on her bike and does some nude sunbathing in the dunes, books into a hotel where Martine Grimaud is the receptionist.【解压密码】:无需解压,将后缀"zip"改为"M