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[韩国/三级]纯真童心 Scarlet Innocence (2014)

海报10月份最新韩国限制级影片大小:1.06g格式:MP4国家:韩国简介:男主角是个大学教授,因为视力正在逐渐下降,于是回到自己的家乡并且遇到一个年轻的女孩。在女孩的帮助下(男主角视力越来越看不清)男主角慢慢爱上女孩并且沉迷在与女孩的肉体交欢中。Hak-kyu (Jung) is a university professor who’s gradually losing his eyesight. In a vulnerable state, he begins to fall for an irresistible, insistent young woman (Lee). It turns into a torrid affair, and Hak-kyu throws all caution aside, but when he commits an act that she takes as the worst form of betrayal, her feelings turn. Scarlet Innocence is a contemporary retelling of a classic Korean tale, The Story of Simcheong, which was elevated to timeless art when adapted to the Korean musical storytelling form pansori. But Yim takes radical liberties with the story, changing what was always a father-daughter dynamic into an account of two strangers who first become lovers, then adversaries. Drenched in sex and desperate acts – Jung has scenes here that will shock and excite his fans – this is a twenty-first-century film noir very much in keeping with Yim’s abiding in